The 52 nd Session of the Human Rights Council
27 February – 31 March 2023

Agenda item 10: Technical assistance and capacity-building - Interactive dialogue with
the High Commissioner on the findings of OHCHR report on the situation of human

rights in Ukraine

31 March 2023

Joint Statement with Meezan Centre for Human Rights and Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ)

Delivered by Bethany Morley

Thank you President and we would like to thank the High Commissioner for his report.
The commission of enquiry found that acts In Ukraine may amount to crimes against
humanity. The scale and severity of the war between the two countries has become extremely
It has been over a year since the invasion, yet the aggression of the war is continuing to
increase; arbitrary executions; thousands more subjected to forced deportation, sexual violence,
and torture; and ill-treatment of children, besides the destruction of the whole cities. 
Time and time again, States, the international community and UN Mechanisms watch the
most vulnerable suffer at the hands of aggression. As we have learnt from past invasions,
being silent is being complicit. Those in this room cannot continue to be silent in the
continuing of this destructive war.
We need immediate collective efforts to stop the war. Every day millions of people are
suffering from the continuation of conflicts and wars around the world, how many times are
we going to watch people suffer before we achieve Peace?

Meezan Centre for Human Rights and GICJ give our fullest support to the victims of the
continuing war. The Russian Federation and Ukraine must sit together and negotiate a peace
plan. We urge the international community to aid in funding the commission of inquiry to
allow for the mandate to be carried out effectively.

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