Anne Béatrice de Gressot


Enrolled in a Master 2 in Human Rights and Humanitarian law at the University of Pantheon-Assas (Paris II) France, Anne is interning with GICJ for a six months period as part of her final and compulsory requirement before graduation. Very passionate about the issues surrounding the protection and the promotion of human rights, she focused her university curriculum on the study of international humanitarian law, international criminal law and international human rights law. Her main fields of interest include antiterrorism and human rights and human rights violations in situations of armed conflict.

Iman Abu Zueiter


Iman joined GICJ on August 2016. She is currently pursuing a B.A. degree in Human Right from Malmo University (Sweden). Iman is highly passionate about human rights issues, armed conflicts and refugee crisis. She is very interested in International Humanitarian law and the UN procedures on dealing with human rights violations during armed conflicts. Iman Speaks English, Arabic, Russian and Swedish.

Troy Jonatan Björkman


Troy joined GICJ in June 2016. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Political Science and International Development Studies at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. Troy is very passionate about the interplay between international law, international relations and the endeavour to achieve more equitable social orders. In particular, he is very interested in the strengths and weaknesses of the international human rights, humanitarian, and criminal law regimes, and how these, in tandem with the configurations of the international political community, can facilitate peace, justice, and socioeconomic development in LDCs. He speaks English, French, Swedish and Finnish.

Alessia Vedano


Alessia joined the GICJ in April 2016. She is graduated in Politics and International Relations at the University of London International Programmes that was led by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Alessia is very passionate about human rights, complex emergencies and humanitarian response, as well as conflict resolution, including peace building processes and transitional justice.  During her academic career she also focused on areas of environmental change and policies adopted in order to address the impact on societies within the frame of sustainable development.  She speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Boris  Muya Blasberg

Kenya / Germany

Boris joined GICJ in 2016, he holds a BA in International Relations and Development Studies from the University of Windsor, Canada. He is currently working on his Masters in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Boris is very passionate about the fields of conflict resolution, peace building and human rights. Having a keen interest in the regions of the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. His main goal in this field is to give a voice to those that are not being heard and to expose human rights violations that are either hidden or forgotten by the world at large.  Boris is a native speaker of both English and German, and also speaks Russian, Spanish and Swahili.

Daniel De Santos

IT Department

Switzerland / Spain

Mr De Santos has always been passionate about computers and achieved his studies in the field. Interested in programming, he obtained a diploma of IT technician and later on specialized in software development. Since very young, he is also interested in electronic and he studied the development of embedded system. During his studies, he had the opportunity to participate in the creation and development of GICJ website; it was a concrete project in which he was able to put his knowledge into practice.

Eleanor McClelland

United Kingdom

Eleanor joined GICJ in 2015. She holds a Master’s Degree in Oriental Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies with Hebrew both from the University of Oxford, UK. Eleanor has undertaken travel to a number of countries in the Middle East for study and participation in human rights workshops and conferences. She has volunteered and interned with various human rights organizations and departments including Amnesty International, Reprieve and the Center for Public Liberties and Human Rights at Al Jazeera.

Ifeoluwa Kolade


Ifeoluwa (Ife) joined GICJ in May 2015 and returned again in June 2017. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Public Policy and Management by distance learning with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, UK. Ife graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in International Development Studies and Economics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she was involved in various advocacy organizations. She is deeply passionate about human rights, especially where they pertain to women, migrants and minority groups. She is also interested in strengthening the mechanism of accountability for human rights violations. Ife speaks English, French and Yoruba.

Hussein Abul Enein

Egypt / Switzerland

Hussein joined GICJ in 2016, he is currently pursuing a BA in International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Hussein is very much interested in intercultural communication and his impeccable language skills and wide traveling experience makes him exquisite in dealing with people from various cultures. Hussein aims to empower the few and insure justice for those facing grave Human rights violations and exploitation.

Valérie de Chambrier

Cultural Management Consultant


Valérie de Chambrier is an expert in the field of arts and holds a bachelor degree in political science from John Cabot University. For ten years she has worked in the field of painting and restoration and collaborated with numerous museums in the US, Brazil and Italy. She has been an intern with the UN in NYC and has worked as project assistant with several NGOs in Brazil, Italy, India. She is fluent in Italian, English and Portuguese. She is interested in human rights and international affairs such as political, economical  and social disparity and discrimination.

Ali Naji


Ali studies management at the University of Geneva. He joined  GICJ in 2012, and helps with administrative tasks such as organizing meetings and conferences at the UN and creating databases for communications.

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