Christopher Gawronski

United States

Chris joined GICJ in August 2018. He recently completed a U.S. law degree (J.D.) at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. and is a Finn International Service Fellow. Chris’s interest in international law led him to GICJ where he hopes to gain first-hand experience interacting with UN agencies and practical knowledge about the use and development of international law regarding human rights. Chris has a keen interest in the international law of outer space and how space law and human rights can promote a more just and sustainable future for humanity. Chris also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in urban planning and has lived and worked in the US, Canada, and the Middle East.

Rimeh Khemakhem


Rimeh Khemakhem joined GICJ in June 2018. She holds a bachelor in Business Administration from the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) in Tunisia. During her studies, she had the chance to closely work with refugees and orphans which pushed her to shift her focus. Passionate about politics, human rights, and business, she decided to pursue a dual master program in Geneva: a master in Business Administration from UBIS university and a master of International Relations and Diplomacy from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD). She aims to extend her knowledge about international law and hopefully work in organizations in the fields of migration and human rights.

Yazeed Sharaiha


Yazeed is doing a university internship in international affairs and languages, and he is interested in fighting for the fundamental respect of Human Rights. He is also interested in international diplomacy, political philosophy and political sociology. Yazeed is focusing on studying the Swiss interior political and social structure and on analyzing the absolute Swiss social security. Yazeed Sharaiha is Swiss and speaks: Arabic, English, French and German. He was born in Amman, Jordan, grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, and continued his university studies at Paris-Sorbonne University in the United Arab Emirates. As a collaborator with GICJ, he hopes to learn more about Human Rights mechanisms and about the structure of the United Nations (UN).


Annabel Higgins

United Kingdom


Annabel completed her Masters studies in human rights from the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, in 2016, for which she was awarded Distinction. After submitting her thesis on genocide scholarship and international law when applied to the Nigerian civil war, Annabel joined the Parliamentary Human Rights Group (also known as the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights) as research and communications assistant, working to raise the profile of various human rights concerns in both Houses of the UK Parliament. At the same time, Annabel joined GICJ since December 2017. She mainly focusing on developing advocacy for GICJ with the Parliamentarian human rights groups. Annabel joined also "The Elders foundation, gaining an insight into the current work of global leaders, such as Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson and Lakhdar Brahimi, as ‘Elders’ working for peace and human rights. She works with the on developing advocacy for the UK Parliament and research."

Mutua K. Kobia

Kenya / Switzerland

Mutua Kobia joined GICJ in January 2017. After graduating with a Master Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Geneva School of Diplomacy (2013) in Geneva, Switzerland, Mutua has been very active in the NGO Community in Geneva. Gender relations, the environment, and indigenous communities has been the interest and focus of much of his work particularly at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Mutua also holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from Hope College, Holland, Michigan. He intends to expand his knowledge in the field of human rights, international law, and justice as well as taking a more hands on approach and involvement with grass roots work and local on-the-ground projects.

Alessandra Zanzi


Alessandra joined GICJ in September 2017. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Socioeconomics at the University of Geneva, where she is studying topics such as demography and migrations. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in Social Science and a minor in Psychology from the University of Lausanne. She is very interested in humanitarian issues and in international human rights, especially in the issue of racial discrimination. Alessandra speaks Italian, French, English and some Spanish.

Marjon Tytgat


Marjon joined GICJ in January 2018. She recently graduated with a Masters Degree in International Law from the Free University Brussels, Belgium. She also completed some of her coursework at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Marjon wrote her Master thesis on international humanitarian law. She is very interested in humanitarian issues and human rights law. By working at GICJ Marjon hopes to learn more about international diplomacy and UN operations. She speaks Dutch (mother-tongue), English, French.

Konstantinos Kakavoulis


Konstantinos joined GICJ in January 2018. He is an international human rights lawyer, holding an LL.M. in Public International Law and Human Rights from Utrecht University (2017) and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has been involved in NGOs and been active as a lawyer for the promotion and protection of human rights in the Southeast Mediterranean. He specializes on migrant and refugee rights, as well as freedom of expression and freedom of opinion. During his LL.M studies he focused on transnational corporations’ interference with human rights and he intends to expand his knowledge on the area. He is looking forward to a united EU, which will act as a pole of stability regarding the promotion and protection of human rights, and he is willing to make his contribution to this direction. Konstantinos speaks Greek, English, Spanish, French and a little bit of Italian.

Lisette Alberti


Lisette joined GICJ in December 2017. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in July 2017 from Leiden University. She majored in World Politics and is interested in peace and conflict studies, and humanitarian issues. During her studies she focussed on the ethics in warfare, the role of journalism and information flows in conflict and International Relations theory.  Lisette speaks Dutch, English and a little bit of French and German.


Jennifer D. Tapia


Interested in the international human rights system, Jennifer joined GICJ in May 2017. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Engineering at Universidad del Valle, Bolivia (2011). She completed the Global Competitiveness Leadership Programme endorsed by Georgetown University in 2011. After completing her Bachelor's Degree, she worked for over 5 years in the Marketing and Fundraising area for NGO’s, private and educational institutions in Bolivia as head and responsible for social interactions. In the course of her Master’s studies in International Relations at Geneva School of Diplomacy, she focused on the global politics of armed conflict, as well as sustainable development and human rights. During her work at GICJ she specialized in human rights violations in the context of armed conflict, and country-focused situations of the MENA region. Currently, she is an active member of the WEF’s Global Shapers Community. Jennifer speaks Spanish, English and French.

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