Geneva International Centre for Justice


is an independent, non-profit, international non-governmental organization based in Geneva, dedicated to the promotion and reinforcement of commitments to the principles and norms of human rights. GICJ is seeking experienced and highly motivated interns and volunteers to help in implementing its programmes and activities in the fields of international law, international human rights law, journalism, social media, administration and fund raising.

Are you passionate about human rights? Are you interested in international law and how international human rights mechanisms work? Would you like to help make a difference in the lives of others by bringing human rights violations to the attention of international bodies? If so, check out the opportunities available at GICJ by clicking on the links below:

Internship Programme

If you would like gain in-depth experience working with human rights mechanisms and learning about various human rights issues, please consider our internship programme.


If you have a short amount of time and would like to help our organization while getting some practical experience in the work of human rights NGOs and UN mechanisms, our volunteer opportunities may be just right for you.



Basing its work on the rules and principles of International Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, GICJ observes and documents human rights violations, and seeks justice for their victims through all legal means available.

GICJ relies on diverse methods and resources to raise awareness of human rights violations and achieve its mission.

GICJ works with a coalition of NGOs on the ground and around the world. GICJ also works with networks of academics, lawyers and experts who contribute their knowledge and expertise on relevant issues and cases.

GICJ participation with the United Nations includes, among others, preparing and submitting reports, letters and urgent appeals on human rights violations, attending Human Right Council’s sessions, and organizing conferences among many other activities.


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