In the last four months, over 44,000 civilians were displaced, and 173 people have been killed in South Sudan. In a joint statement with EAFORD and Geneva International Centre for Justice on Wednesday 5th of October 2022, Loïc Dorthe delivered an oral statement during the interactive dialogue on technical assistance and capacity building in South Sudan.

Loïc raised concerns about the ongoing violence and regular incursions in the country. The humanitarian situation is very alarming, especially regarding the rights of children. Grave violations and abuses, including acts of abduction, sexual violence, murder, and forced recruitment into the army, were reported against 124 children. On behalf of both organisations, he called on the Government of South Sudan to uphold their obligations under the Convention of the Rights of the Child. 

In addition, Loïc regretted the failure to establish a Hybrid Court for South Sudan. Credible trials are essential to ensure truth telling, reparations, and justice for the victims. Finally, he implored  the international community to address rising malnutrition rates and asked the Council to take action to protect the people of South Sudan. 

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