Human Rights Council

Thirty-fifth session, 6 to 23 June 2017
General Debate Item 9

20 June 2017

Delivered by: Mr. Mutua Kobia

Thank you Mr. President,

This is a joint statement by EAFORD and Geneva International Centre for Justice.

The results of racial intolerance, discrimination, and hatred that led to the creation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action sadly persist. Multiple forms of racial discrimination are present in policies and national legislation of numerous states. Violations against identifiable groups such as Palestinians entrenched to a system of institutionalized racial discrimination qualify as crimes against humanity as recognized in the World Conference.

While Israel’s Basic Laws do not explicitly guarantee equality and non-discrimination, some Basic Laws institutionalize discrimination, such as in the field of land policy. Such discriminatory legislation is buttressed by the para-statal status allocated to right-wing extremist organizations but can be revised under the DDPA.

Additionally, Israel’s geographic and legal fragmentation of the Palestinian people facilitates inhuman acts as described in the Apartheid Convention. Palestinians’ participation in life of their community is obstructed and conditions preventing their full development are deliberately created.

Palestinians are thus deprived of vital infrastructure, essential resources, and social services, as well as of equal access to employment, housing, education, and healthcare. Discriminatory laws governing entry and residence are enacted as well as family reunification that perpetuates practices that discriminate against the Palestinian population.

As in the current IGWG report we highly recommend implementation of effective measures underlined in the DDPA, particularly regarding national legislation, which can lead to elimination of discriminatory laws and practices for the full enjoyment of human rights.

Thank you.

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