Issa Amro brutally beaten down by Israel soldier during an Interview

By Juanita Beltran 

On the 13th of February 2023 the prominent Palestinian human rights activist, and founder of “Youth Against Settlement”, Issa Amro, was temporarily detained and beaten violently by an Israeli soldier in Hebron. The activist was, at the time, being interviewed by an American journalist as he was showing the writer some of the impacts of the ongoing Israeli occupation. 

Footage filmed by the team from the New York Times shows how the soldier kicked Issa Amro to the ground in the middle of an interview, while attempting to simply walk to his own house. First, the soldier took him aside and Amro asked him to call the local commander. Nothing can justify the unprovoked attack that followed. 

Despite the fabrications of prominent Israeli politicians, Issa Amro peacefully and calmly asserted his own rights and did not do anything which amounts to harassment. Indeed, the occupying forces were the ones interfering in Amro’s daily life.  

These attacks on peaceful human rights defenders engaging with the international press are further proof of the endemic harassment Palestine constantly faces on a daily basis as a result of the illegal Israeli occupation. Acts of violence and hate perpetrated by Israel security forces, like these show once again the constant aggression being faced by Palestinians and the international community must act much more cohesively to force Israel to withdraw its troops and end its multiple campaigns of violence. 

Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ) condemns the further brutal attacks against peace activist Issa Amro. We send our support to him and all Palestinians in Hebron who are victims of the violent harassment they constantly face from Israeli security forces. We reject the hate speech against the Palestinian people and implore the international community to loudly denounce these demonstrations of hatred against the Palestinian people. 

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