Foreign armed groups undermine the Central African Republic’s long term ability to act as a sovereign state. On behalf of EAFORD and GICJ, Loïc Dorthe delivered an oral statement during the interactive dialogue with the  independent expert on the situation of human rights in the CAR.

The joint statement, delivered on Wednesday, the 5th of October 2022, expressed concerns regarding the Central African Republic’s government search for stability. Despite its obvious importance, the government collaborates with foreign armed groups. In addition to affecting the MINUSCA’s work, these groups are allegedly accused of crimes against humanity, violations of international humanitarian law, and plundering the country’s resources.

To move towards reconciliation, Loïc pressed the importance of an inclusive dialogue between the communities, and accentuated the importance of the local elections. EAFORD and GICJ reiterate the importance of providing technical and financial support and called for further measures to prevent the proliferation and limit the power of the foreign armed groups. 

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