By Patricia Mutebi Jjuuko / GICJ

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo struggles to provide all of its citizens with their entitled protection amidst exceptionally violent conflicts. 

The Human Rights Experts in the Democratic Republic of Congo presented on the 4th of October their report in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 48/20. This resolution not only renewed the mandate of the international experts on the situation in Kasai but it expanded the mandate to include the entire region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The team of international experts, together with the Ministry of Human Rights and the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office, organised a workshop on transitional justice.

In his report,  Mr. Christian Salazar Volkmann, Director of the Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that there has been some improvement in the human rights situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the submission of the previous report in October 2021. However, he emphasised that the country is experiencing exceptionally violent conflicts involving rape and sexual violence.   

Mr. Volkmann recognised the government's efforts to promote disarmament, community reintegration, reparation for victims, the fight against impunity, and security and justice. However, he underscored that justice sector reforms require enhanced coordination with adequate communication and greater national funding as well as support from foreign partners if the goals set are to be achieved. 

Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ) welcomes the efforts by the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to promote disarmament and reintegration. We remain deeply troubled with the human rights violations and the impunity for these violations. We call on the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the international community, to make more effort to coordinate and help fund the system of transitional justice.

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