21 February 2020

Summary of the Report

On the 28th of January 2020, the Trump administration published a supposedly detailed vision for the future of Palestine, called “Peace to Prosperity”. This proposal received a lot of media attention and backlash by majorities of the international community, rightfully so.

It is an afront for every entity that works towards the upholding of international law and the protection of human rights. “Peace to Prosperity” legitimizes various violations of international law by Israel, such as the illegal settlement projects, the question of Jerusalem or the uprooting and exodus of hundreds of thousand Palestinian’s from their home. Not only does it legitimize those violations but the plan also rewards Israel for it. According to the plan Israel gains sovereignty over Jerusalem as well as all settlements who were, nota bene, illegally built.

Photo Source: Negotiation Affairs Department

The so-called peace plan hides its true intentions behind flattering rhetoric and promising articulations, but analysis shows that all suggested measures aim towards one goal, the suppression of Palestine and its citizens. The proposed changes would make Palestine’s economy heavily depended on outside investment and good grace of Israel and the United States. Furthermore, the plan attempts to deny Palestine the possibility of international trade by denying the building of ports, thus, imports are supposed to happen through Israeli ports under supervision and scrutiny of Israel’s security forces.

Next to geographic and economic suppression, if implemented, the plan denies Palestine the possibility to legally prosecute Israel in front of an international court for all the atrocities committed since the middle of the last century.

We strongly condemn this inacceptable proposal by the Trump administration and welcome all members of the international community who did the same. Yet, it is important to realize that this plan does not proposes any real changes, it brings to paper the harsh and sad reality of the Palestinian people over the past decades, thus we urge the entirety of the international community to not only condemn the plan but also relentlessly work on a solution acceptable for Palestine and Israel.


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