Accountability and the urgent restoration of justice for Iraq should be the paramount and immediate task of the UN community and all those individuals and states who believe in peace and the rule of law.

Geneva International Centre for Justice considers that the catastrophic Human Rights situation in Iraq must be addressed by all relevant UN agencies and mechanisms as well as by civil society organisations working in the field, as a matter of priority.

While it emphasized the demand of the people of the world that no perpetrator is left without punishment no matter who he is, the conference was a unique occasion to re-affirm, at the UN, the fundamental position that the initiation of a war of aggression is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime.

The conference was sub-divided into 6 key topics:

1. Accountability, 2. Collapse of institutions, 3. Institutional corruption, 4. Social breakdown, 5. Systematic destruction, 6. Restoring Justice

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