Human Rights Council

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Human Rights in South Sudan

18 September 2017

Thank you Mr. President.

INTLawyers and Geneva International Centre for Justice share the concern of the Council about the grave situation of human rights in South Sudan. A constant theme regarding the state of human rights for the people of South Sudan has been the role that third party States have played in the internal affairs of South Sudan, especially interferences leading to widespread human rights abuses, incurring the responsibility of the intervening States for internationally wrongful acts.

While the provision of humanitarian assistance is consistent with international law, and while we welcome the international humanitarian effort to provide development assistance, we note that such assistance is not merely an act of good will, but also part of the responsibility under international law of States that have intervened in South Sudan, especially those States that are responsible for the proliferation of weapons to the parties to the armed conflict. We hope that the Council’s Independent Expert will draw these obligations to the attention of the relevant States.

INTLawyers and GICJ are concerned by the acts of gender-based and sexual violence identified by the Independent Expert. We encourage the government of South Sudan to further engage with civil society to ensure that women’s and girls’ human rights are sufficiently protected, that those who violate these rights are punished, and that women and girls are meaningfully engaged in the social and economic development of South Sudan.

Does the Independent Expert understand States that have had a prominent role in encouraging South Sudan’s independence and in providing weapons to the various parties to the armed conflict to have a special responsibility toward the people of South Sudan?
Thank you.

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