Human Rights Council

Agenda Item 4: General Debate

- Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

14 March 2018

Mr. President

We wish to bring to this council’s attention the disastrous situation in Iraq. The 15 years that have passed since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq have shown us that this illegal invasion resulted in a total destruction of the country.

The invasion of Iraq is classifies as a war of aggression. As a consequence of the invasion and occupation millions of civilians lost their lives or were the target of torturing practices. Cities were destroyed, and vital infrastructure was damaged.

Many of the problems Iraqi citizens are still facing today can be traced to the 2003 invasion. Today, numerous human rights violations are being committed by the Iraqi authorities, and the pro-governmental militias, under the pretext of combating terrorism.

Distinguished delegates,

Now that 15 years have passed since the illegal invasion, it is time to hold the perpetrators of this crime of aggression accountable. Further, we urge the UN to improve their reporting practices on the human rights abuses in Iraq and to provide the Iraqi citizens with necessary protections. A special Rapporteur for Iraq must be appointed.

In relation to this, please join us at a side event on the 15th of March, starting at 12.00 O’clock in room 24.

Thank you.

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